Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm a STAR!!!

Last week, Gavin and I went to church with my family up in Kaysville. My mom asked me to run home a bit early to put the rolls in the oven. As I was walking through the doorway, I noticed a magazine sitting on the table. I did a double take and noticed that it was ME on the cover. I just gaped at it forever before even picking it up. Gavin then came home and I dramatically pulled it out of my purse and we both started laughing and were just in complete awe.
When did this happen?
How come no one told us?
The rest of my family came home a few minutes later, my parents told me how the NEIGHBORS came over with the magazine and gave it to my parents. We were all just shocked because we had no idea.
A few weeks later, I got a message on facebook from our wedding photographer asking how we were doing and oh, by the way, you are on the cover of Weddings so Easy. Haha! It was such a FUN surprise! This is the cover for this magazine for the entire year! I hope all those brides to be dont get sick of seeing my beautiful face! Haha :)



Nicole Bingham said...

OH MY GOSH! LAUREN! You're FAMOUS! I love it, love it, love it! So happy for you doll!

Charlie Pulsipher said...