Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Bridals!!!

Last Friday Gav and I and other friends, Tristan and Suzanne had an awesome oppurtunity to go up to Zions Ponderosa Ranch and take more pictures in our wedding attire.
The story behind it was so cool! Over Christmas break, I got a call on my house phone from my Foods teacher at the college. She said that she had a friend that was turning her house into a wedding venue up in the Zion's National Park and needed brides and their grooms to come up and take pictures for her brocure. In exchange, we would get the pictures, and we would get a free weekend up at their cabins. We got up there and it was so beautiful! It was the perfect day to take pictures. Her home was GORGEOUS! I was kinda bummed my family didnt live closer, but just being there for pictures was a privledge. She went all out and decorated a table with decorations and china and she even decorated a huge cake to take pictures. So I called my friend Suzanne and her husband, Tristan and asked them to come along. The whole evening was fabulous! Pamela was amazing and Tyson, the photographer was wonderful to work with. Here are just a few of the pics... More to come!

Check out the Zions Ponderosa website at http://www.zionponderosa.com/ This is the Ranch.... I'll post the brochure when I get it!

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