Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gardner Bridal Shower

This last weekend, my wonderful new family threw me a bridal shower. My mother-in-law (to be) and sisters-in-law (to be) worked so hard to throw me a wonderful shower. I was absolutely amazed how many people showed up to support me! My mom and sisters came with me and we were running a bit late but when we pulled up to Gavins house, he was there to vallet park all the cars. :) So we ran inside and saw that almost everyone came! We chatted a bit then Shalei started the party by asking me to tell the story of how Gav and I met and how he proposed. They all oohhh-ed and awww-ed in all the right places. Next, Shalei brought out a rose and asked me to give one reason I loved Gavin for each pedal. That was super fun. I started off a little broad in my reasonings and with everyone watching I was trying to come up with a few more reasons for the last few pedals when Grandma Kate said that I should just add them and say that's for me to know. :)
After that, we add a wonderful lunch of sandwiches and salads, and CUPCAKES! It was so cute and so perfect! I absolutely loved it and am so thankful for such a wonderful family to be marrying into. They are amazing. Thank you so much!

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