Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Time at Our House

Unfortunately I have lost my camera and wasnt able to take any pictures of Christmas this year... :'( But none-the-less, it was a wonderful Christmas. We never knew it would be so hard to balance the holidays between both families but I believe we did rather well. We spend Christmas eve with my family and had a glorious dinner of prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, rolls, and my fav...BREAD PUDDING! Yum! We then woke up bright and early to open presents and enjoy the morning with family. Gavin and I recieved some awesome stuff for our apartment and are thrilled to own such fun things. That morning Gav got to talk to his brother Matt who is on his mission in Switzerland. He seemed to be doing real well and enjoying his mission. Then we got ready and zoomed out to Spanish Fork so we could talk to his twin sister, Kate, who is also on her mission in Oakland. I have only ever talked to her over email so it was a real treat to hear her voice and enjoy talking to her. I am really excited to meet her. She comes home real soon! We then had a second Christmas with Gavin's family and got some more really cool stuff. We really have been spoiled and never expected such an awesome Christmas. Gavin really spoiled me. First, at my house, he whipped out a pretty side table and told me that me MADE it! I was so impressed! It must have taken him a really long time to make. I loved it. I also spent a lot of time into a gift I made for him. In the Disney movie, "Up" the main character and his wife make an adventure book and fill it with things that have given their life meaning. Gavin and I had been intending to start our own book but hadnt gotten around to it. So I had been saving things since we started dating and compiled it into a scrap book and made it our "Adventure Book". I put all kinds of things in it from ticket stubbs to journal entries I started since I met Gavin. It will be something we will be able to keep forever.
Then later in the day, I got spoiled some more... While we were at his house, we had second Christmas and towards the end, he said we should go for a drive. Everyone (I mean his whole family) got in their cars and we all drove to the high school. There, we went into the wood shop and there was a gorgeous canopy bed made of alder. I was shocked. It was beautiful. I couldnt believe he had made it let alone in the time frame he had. He is so amazing. I am so excited to be married to him for time and all eternity.

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