Saturday, January 2, 2010


Bridals was an interesting adventure that is for sure. I will tell the story now and attach the pics as soon as I get them.
To begin, this Christmas break, we have been on a time frame in order to get things accomplished in time for the wedding. So we had bridals planned to go down to Provo Castle, have our carriage there as well as Gavin's horse. But unfortunately, we happened to plan it right in the middle of a snow storm. We had the carriage all hooked up. My hair and make up all done. We had called a couple people to borrow a harness for the horse. Gavin had is tux, I had finished putting beading on my dress THE NIGHT BEFORE and Gavin and his family were bringing the horse and trailer. My mom, my sister and I get in the car and start driving on the freeway and start sliding all over. There are cars pulled over on the right and left. We call our photographer and tell her we are going for it, instead of putting it off. We travel only going about 20 mph the whole way and FINALLY slide (seriously slide) into the parking lot of the castle. I waited in the car while my mom ran in to check in and she comes out with bad news from the mean receptionist lady, they werent letting anyone up to the castle. Gavin had gone and spoken to a lady earlier and made sure we would be good to go and Sarah (our photographer) was just up there. Finally we call security to get them to let us pass. We all start heading up the slippery road and my mom starts sliding on the switchback with the trailer and carriage in tow. She jack knifed and was stuck with the car almost on top of the trailer. So we ditch that idea and decide the horse and carriage will just be somewhere else. So we go back down and get ready in the horse trailer and drive up in Sarah's car to take pics. It was freezing as you can imagine and I was only in my dress. Burr...But it was worth it. OH! I failed to mention that the Provo Castle is near the Provo hospital... The mental hospital that is. There was a weird old man up by the castle with binnoculars and would whistle to the birds. Addie and Sarah claim to have seen him only a few yards away spying at us through his binnoculars... kinda creepy.
Anywho... we begin to come back down to find a place to take some pictures with the carriage and horse. Mike went out to find a place, and in the process, got a flat tire. It was a cold and interesting day, but I think the pictures turned out awesome. We shall soon see! I am so grateful to Sarah, my family and my new family, the Gardners for being such good sports. I sure had fun despite the trials we faced. They sure are awesome. :)

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