Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'd like to introduce to you my wonderful bridesmaids! There are so many people I would LOVE to be part of the wedding, but I tried to keep it as simple as I could. So dont feel bad if you werent asked... I still love you!!!

First off is Alexis.

Alexis, or Lexi as we call her, is my talented 16 year old sister. She is very good at anything artsy and I will always wish I could do what she does.

Isn't she lovely?

Next is my other sister, Addie. She will be 11 on Monday and pretty much is as adventurous as it gets. :)

She is a cutie

Next is my cousin Megan. This is a package deal because Meg is pregnant with her first baby and we cant wait to welcome the little bundle of joy into our family.

She is due in March so the wedding in February will be lot of fun for her. :)

Kaity is my other cousin who will be joining the girlies. Kaity is my partner in crime and we always have alot of fun together.

Her missionary just got home and she is real happy about that. ;)

Next is our other Kate... But this is Kate Gardner, Gavin's beauiful twin sister. I actually haven't met her yet because she is on a mission in Oakland, California. She gets back in January just in time for the activities! I cant wait to meet her face to face.

She reminds me of Giselle on Enchanted.

And last but not least is my best friend since 7th grade. I said Kaity and I were partners in crime, but Cassidy and I were little outlaws. We have been through everything together and I'm so glad that she is going to share this with me.

It was hard choosing a picture of Cassidy. There are so many that really show her personality, but I think that she would prefer something more relaxed. :D Love ya Cass!

These girls are awesome and I love them all to death! I promise that I will try to find decent bridesmaid dresses! :D :D :D

I will post the groomsmen as soon as Gavin asks them to do it!

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