Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Proposal

Gavin and Lauren had decided weeks in advance, that they would spend Independence Day with her family and the 24th of July weekend with his. That night, Gavin had planned a horse ride at the cabin where they had their first date. The plan was to go to pick up the horse, then drive to the cabin and ride up the mountain in time to see the sunset. But they were delayed and didn’t think they would make it up in time.
When they finally arrived to the cabin, they hopped on the horse and headed up the trail in a slight rain. The trail was steep and the horse had a hard time carrying both of them, so Gavin hopped off and started pulling it up the mountain.
They barely made it and caught the end of the sunset. They laid out the blanket and waited for the fireworks to start.
“While we were waiting, there was some lightening not too far away.” Lauren said. “I started to get nervous so I asked Gav to say a prayer. After he did, I immediately felt safe and could relax and enjoy being on the mountain.”

Gavin then pulled out some glass goblets and they drank sparkling apple cider while overlooking the valley.
When the fireworks started, they got up and watched the explosions from below. Gavin left for a minute and came back and wrapped his arms around Lauren and told her she would love the finally.
“He was shaking so bad.” Lauren said. “I assumed it was because he was cold so I turned around and hugged him. He was still shaking but he told me I needed to let him go.”
She did and Gavin dropped to his knee.
“Lauren,” he asked, “Will you be my wife?”
Gavin then pulled out a ring and Lauren started crying.
She told him yes. :)


Dad said...

Her whole family knew that Gavin was proposing that night but Lauren had no idea what was coming!

Kylie Hamilton Blood said...

That is soo cute!!! Lauren it really sounds like you two are ment to be,... you both sound soo romantic! congratulations you guys!!