Thursday, March 6, 2014

After Party Fun

Obviously I am a person who does not get embarrassed very easily. I dress up as a princess for kids parties for goodness sake! In fact, even when I get embarrassed, I still enjoy it because of the stories that come out of it.
For example, after our awesome family party, we obviously headed home. We were still all dressed up and I'm sure were blasting Disney tunes on the stereo. 
I needed to stop by the store to get some diapers for my little Iago and would rather just run into the store in full Evil Queen garb then have to make another trip later that night. 
So I had my mom drop me off at the front door and ran inside. 
This happens fairly often.
Her dropping me off, while I run inside for a quick trip, not shopping in costume.
(Ok if you know me, that's a lie-ha!)
She usually pulls off to the side of the store and I am in and out in just a few minutes. 
I headed over to the care and opened the back passenger door to hurry and hop in so we could get home. 
A second later (felt like an eternity) I realized something wasnt right. 
The seats were leather...
Wait, our seats arent leather.
There was no one else in the car...
I am SURE everyone else came with us.
There was no sweet baby girl in a car seat.
There was DEFINITELY that when I left. 
I looked up to the front seat and a woman who I'd never seen was looking back at me like I was crazy.
Or dressed up like someone about to curse her. Something like that.
It was a second before my brain snapped back into place.
Then I slowly turned and pulled my seat belt across my lap and in a cold voice said without irony:
"Home, peasant."
To which she slowly turned around and started up the car.

Just kidding. That last part didnt happen, but I so very much wish it had. 
What really happened was this:
It was a second before my brain snapped back into place.
Then I busted out laughing. 
"Well this is something you dont see every day!" I said.
"No it most certainly is not." She replied.

It was then that my family pulled up and saw me getting out of the car. 
I chatted and laughed with the lady for a few minutes, She was such a good sport) then she saw the rest of the clan in the car, equally dressed to the nines. 
At this point everyone is howling. 
She looked at all of us piled in that car and said she wished she was going wherever we were headed. 

All I can say is, although we are villains, anyone is welcome in our party train!


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