Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Showdown at the POA Fair Grounds

For (almost) the past 20 years, the Gardner Clan as participating in an annual Ponies of America Horse Show located right smack in Des Moines, Iowa. You can imagine our excitement when we found out we were moving here. At least we were guaranteed at least one visit from family a year. (I'm kidding mom!) We were so lucky to have Grandma fly out and play with us early the past two years. You can tell how excited Paisley was in the picture below!
She was in heaven with all the ponies and animals around the fairgrounds. We were able to get some delicious food on "Grazing Day" where everyone brings out treats and mingles all night long. We had our fortunes told and were able to watch Paisley's pony, Presley, win Futurity Champion (a big deal) and spend time with our family. Thanks for the fun times Gardners!

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