Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oh Hello Blogging World...

Well well well... guess who is (attempting to get) back in the blogging game? 
Me. It's me. 
It's been too long and I am ashamed. 
So... I will hop right back into it shall I? 
Yes? Lets.
Since I dont even know where to begin these next posts will post likely be out of chronilogical order but at least these last few moths will be documented eh? 

This last halloween, I was lucky enough to attend the party of all parties-- I mean, what could be better than a Harry Potter Party am I right or an I right?!

Miss Melissa Kotter did such a bewitching job planning this party! We had every Hogwarts treat imaginable, we were sorted into our houses (GRYFFINDOR REPRESENT!) 
We dressed up, we went to our classes like Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts. We even had a little surprise visit from Aragog the Spider himself! (No joke) 
My nerd was definitely showing that night. And I'm proud of it! 
Until next year ladies!

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