Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's your birfday?

Last week was my birthday and birthday's are kinda a big deal in my book. 
My handsome man took me out to lunch in between classes to this awesome cafe called
La Mie Bakery 
 they had the best macroons I'd ever had. I would have taken a picture, but that puppy couldnt wait to
 get. in. my. tummy

 Gavin had to go back to class and Paisley and I went to the mall to play in the children's area.
Isnt her headband adorable?^^^ 
Ya apparently someone else thought so too and stole it right out of our stroller!

But the next day, Gavin took me to Zombie burger and that made me feel better.
You better believe I was keeping an eye on this headband...

 She knows what the camera is and always wants to grab it.
I swear 97% of all our pictures look like this...
 And the award for Parents of the year goes to.....
 We were driving by this place and just HAD to stop. . .

 I mean, come on! Who could resist this?


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Theresa Sutton said...

LOL, I just happened to be clicking through blog ads and came across yours, which led me to this post. Thanks for the late night giggles. Those last two pics are hilarious!