Monday, January 14, 2013

Surprise Birthday Gift

This is a little late for posting, but better late than never.
Last month was Gavin's birthday and I wanted to do something special for my special guy.
So... I went all Snow White on him.
Yup, you heard me right...
We got together with a few friends and went out to Red Robin for dinner.
I told G I was running a bit late and I would meet him there.
I ran to my good friend, Michelle's house to get ready.
I was almost done and was zipping up my dress when the zipper caught.
You know that place right in the middle of your back that  you cant reach no matter how hard you try?
That's where the zipper caught.
I didnt know what to do.
Should I just go and hope no one realizes it?
Is there someone I could call nearby who could help me?
You bet there was, my hero/awesome friend who I dont know how to thank enough, Kristy came and saved the day. She rushed over and helped get that dang zipper un-stuck and I rushed off to the restaurant.
In the car, I get a call from Gav telling me he forgot the diaper bag.
I swung by our apartment and grabbed it then hurried out again-(still in my Snow White costume)
My plan was to have balloons waiting at their table so I knew exactly where they were and I could make my way over to them while drawing everyone's attention.(The better to embarrass you my dear!)
But I walked in and almost EVERY OTHER TABLE had balloons! 
Inside, I was panicking. It was loud, I didnt have my glasses/contacts on, balloons everywhere. I was standing there like a crazy person who lost her way to Disneyland.
So I did what anyone would do...
I left.
I threw my "script" out the window and had to improv it, made it up as I went.
I finally found him and he was definitely surprised.
At one point, I asked him to dance with me. He was holding Poppy at the time so I asked our friend to hold her.
Gav muttered to me that she had a blow out and out of the corner of my eye I could see him holding her at an arms distance away.
Good times.
I bid them all farewell and went and changed in my car.(NOT an easy task)
Then I returned and we had dinner, laughed and chatted and had a grand old time.
I wonder who will show up next year?

Thanks for a fun night my friends!


Ali Mills said...
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Recently Roached said...

This is adorable, Lauren. You look just like Snow white! :)