Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mirror Mirror-Not the Julia Roberts one...

Here's a little video to brighten your day.
I hope she always likes whet she see's when she looks in the mirror.
(And you should too!)

Here is another video I found and fell in love with.

Words cant even describe how awesome this is.
I know sometimes Disney Princesses get some harsh judgement from people out there saying they teach girls that the only way to get things out of life is to be pretty.
I am astounded by this!
Have these people not SEEN these movies?
Because if they have, they would know that that is completely wrong!
(Or if they have seen these movies, they must be completely deaf AND blind)
Because these princesses teach how important it is to feel good about themselves,
to be kind to others and to honor our promises.
They teach that dreams come true and life is beautiful.
Some people try to discourage their little girls from wanting to be a princess.
Why on earth would you want to tell them they arent special enough to be a princess?
Where is the harm in allowing them to dream?
The harm is in suppressing it.
Every girl, young or old, deserves to feel like royalty.
That doesnt mean they should feel entitled to everything, just that they got to work hard to achieve those goals.
One woman tried to convince her 5 year old that being a princess wasnt a wise career choice.
Five. Years. Old.
I am baffled.
Number one: do you really think she's going to want to still be a "princess" when she's twenty?
Number two: what do you think she will remember in life-that you told her she couldnt be what she wanted to be and that you didnt have faith in her? Or that her mother thought she could do anything and never stopped believing in her?
I hope Paisley knows she's a princess every second of her life.
I dont ever want her to doubt how special she is.
I want to be her believer, her supporter and her example her whole life.
I want her to believe in dreams coming true and that love and happiness prevail.
I want her to live her happily ever after EVERY DAY.
The same goes for all of you.
I want every single girl in the whole world to know how incredible they are, that they are divine and are loved.
I want my sisters to know how beautiful they are and should never settle for less than their dreams.
I want my mother to know that she is a goddess and I am her biggest fan.
I want my grandmas and my aunts, my in-laws, cousins and nieces to know that the world is theirs.
"I am a princess."
Yes, it's true. We are all princesses.
'Long may we reign"



Dad said...

LONG LIVE Princess Lauren and Princess Paisley!!!

Mary Davis said...

I love this video (particularly the princess one). It just leaves you feeling so good and like you are worth so much.