Tuesday, November 6, 2012

13 Days of Halloween-Day III

**I just realized I never added this! So I guess my 13 Days of Halloween was a day short. 
My bad.
So here is Day three... for those of you who were just DYING to know what was supposed to be posted. 

Ever seen the movie, The Mothman Prophecies?

The first time I saw it, we had just moved into our new house in the middle of nowhere.
My cousins and I had this very old house to all to ourselves. 
We had blankets, popcorn, snacks of all kinds and were excited to be 'scared' that chilly October night.
We started the movie
The lights were out, it was dark and the wind was blowing.
The trees were scratching against the windows and we were already getting goosebumps from fright.
We became enthralled with this movie. 
We began sprawled out on the couches, but now we were huddled together on the floor.
(Because we all know that's the safest place to be since 
somebody could get you from behind the couch)
What is this movie!? We thought.
We grabbed the DVD case to look at the rating. (Psh... only PG13) 
Then we see that its based on a true story!
Mercy... Why does that always make it a bajillion times scarier?)
Then, it happened. 
We got to the one part where a figure is coming towards the main character.
They are bathed in an eerie light and their silhouette looks disfigured.
We screamed.
We jumped over one another to get the lights.
We got tangled up in the mass of blankets.
We turned it off and didnt sleep a wink that night.
A few days later, we got our friends together to watch it thinking it was 
going to be awesome since we were so scared and couldnt finish it the first time.
Yeah... we finished it this time.
Not scary one bit.
I guess we are just a bunch of scardy cats.

Tell me about YOUR "scary" movie experiences!


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dad said...

Yeah it was totally boring...I fell asleep.