Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Quirky and Weird are Two Very Different Things."

First off, if you can name that movie, a hundred points to Gryffindor.
{Hint: Its NOT Harry Potter}
Today is one of those days where I wasnt sure what to blog about then lightening struck my  noggin.
{Again, NOT like Harry Potter, although I wouldnt mind a few magical powers at the moment.}

Lately I've been noticing little things about myself that could be considered, "weird"
-nay... Quirky.
I thought I'd share a few with you.

>>When I drive into a parking lot, I ALWAYS try to find a spot where I can pull all the way through. If I cant find one, thats fine. I hope whoever is in front of me leaves by the time I come out of the store anyway. But it irks me to death when Gavin is driving and gets into a spot where you CAN pull through but he doesnt. Who likes reversing anyway?!

>>When I take a bath, I have to clean it first. I HATE that slimy feeling of the sides of the tub when I am trying to relax in my bubble bath. I guess I can contribute that to being a neat freak.

>>Like I said, I am a neat freak. I like things nice, tidy, cozy and CLEAN. So sue me.
Things like this happen fairly often and sometimes I'm afraid my head will explode...

>>I love making lists. Obviously.

>>I also love notebooks. It's an obsession. I usually write a few lists in them before I find another one. I have a ton that need to be filled.

>>When I am driving on the freeway, I have to be in the correct lane for the exit I need a few miles before I get there. I detest making a mad dash at the last minute and almost causing an accident. I have gotten craizer about this since a}Paisley was born. Baby on board folks! and b} moving to Iowa. Crazy drivers here. You thought Utah was bad...

>>When I need to turn up the volume on the TV, the number has to be an interval of 5. It cant be 23 or 36 it has to be 20, 25, 30, 35. Can someone say OCD?

>>I think I am going deaf because sometimes when we are watching a movie, I have to turn on the subtitles. I cant believe how much background of stories I miss because of this.

>>In college, I had a roomate that I had the best time watching tv with because she shared my views of stupid commercials. We'd laugh and laugh at how stupid some were and how we could totally think of better ones. I still find myself wondering what Aly would say about certain commercials.
Iespecially hate those cleaning commercials where somebody makes a mess and the mom always has this smile/look that like: "oh you guys" then she happily cleans up the mess with whatever product they are selling. Well I think there should be a commercial where the mom just freaks out and makes everyone help clean up the mess. Much more realistic.
What are some of your quirks?



Carlie said...

I love watching movies with subtitles too! I even do if with tv shows if it allows it!

Ali Mills said...

Oh my gosh! I'm the same way about almost everything on your list!! Andrew thinks I'm crazy about the TV volume hahahaha although sometimes I will do a multiple of 2 if I need it to be quiet enough for Rory to sleep. I drive the exact same way! It again drives Andrew nuts hahahaha But I worry abput crazy drivers when I have a baby on board! (We even have a "Little Princess on Board" thing in the window ;)

DAD said...

Clean Freak!!??!!

Where were you in those teenage years???


Race and Aly Warburton said...

Hey! I loved watching TV with you! I miss those college days! I'm sure the mom cleaning commercials have a whole new meaning to you... But still commercials are RIDICULOUS! Love ya girl!

Holly said...

LOL, I should have read this post BEFORE, I had you follow me home. What's worse than a crazy UTAH driver...driving in Iowa. ; )