Friday, September 28, 2012

Introducing: Willowby the Wandering Bear

This is Willowby. He is a bear.
A wandering bear at that.

What is a wandering bear you ask?
Well you see, he wanders.
He likes to travel and see the world.
Only now that little Poppy has sucked our wallets dry,
he doesnt have many opportunities anymore.
He told me last night that he misses it and I felt bad so
I thought I'd ask my awesome readers to help a bear out.

If you are going anywhere cool, he'd like to tag along.
He wont be a problem at all because he doesnt make a mess,
he doesnt require any luggage, he wont complain about long drives
or being placed in the baggage area on a plane.

Let me know if you have room for a little bear.

The only thing I ask is that you send me a few photo's of Willowby enjoying the journey.
Then either mail him back to me, or send him to someone else who's going on an adventure.
Email me for more info at and put Willowby as the subject.

He cannot wait to hear where he is going next!



Mekenzie @ Interiors by Kenz said...

Such a cute idea! I will let you know next time I go on a vacation :)

Ali Mills said...

Like I said, I'll DEFINITELY take him to Disneyland! Not til January BUT I love a fun house guest ;)

{[Jessica]} said...

how much fun is this!!! i wish i was going on a honeymoon to take him with me... :( Hope he gets an adventure soon.