Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cry baby

Awhile ago, it just seemed like Paisley only cried when I was holding her.
No seriously.
So I started a new folder on my desktop and labeled it "Crying"
And any picture where she was crying, I would put into this post.
Notice that the MAJORITY of these pics are when I am holding her.

Ok so not ALL of them are with me, but you gotta admit, it is me most of the time.
What else should I expect when she spends almost 24/7 with me.
I'd get sick of me too.
But as I am typing this, Gavin is upstairs with his baby girl and she is bawling her eyes out.
He's such an awesome daddy.
I appreciate him taking over so I can get some good old bloggin done.
Love that boy of mine
Oh look... he got her to stop only after 5 minutes.


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