Monday, July 9, 2012

What I Wish I'd Known Before I Had A Baby

-I wanted to be the one to soothe my baby when she cried. ME. Not my neighbor, not my mom, not my friends or my sisters. Me. After all, she is MY daughter, I should be able to calm her down right? Well I wish I had known that its OK if someone else can get her to stop crying. It in NO way reflects my mothering skills. Sometimes she just needs a change of pace.

-Nursing HURTS! It's also ok to feed her formula if the nursing thing isnt working out so well. Dont feel guilty how you feed your baby. As long as she is gaining weigh and getting those cute little rolls on her legs, you are doing it right. {See this post here.}

-Baby blues are a real thing. Some people dont realize this. Some get it worse than others and luckily I havent gotten it too bad. I contribute my blues to lack of sleep. When I slept well, I am super happy and peppy. When I dont... eh not so much.

-The word "poop" will be said several times a day. And you will find yourself talking in baby talk even when the baby isnt even in the same room as you.  Same with baby talk. "Oh Gavie Wavie is such a good Dada! Does Gavie Wavie want a baba?" 
This video is spot on. . .

-Your body will NOT be completely back to normal after you have a baby. Although its much better than those last few weeks of pregnancy. Whew... those were doozies.

-Your fashion sense will completely be gone. Ok this wont apply to everyone but I personally cant remember how to accessorize because I wore so many sweats the last few months of pregancy. Plus half my clothes still dont fit right so I desperately need help figuring out my wardrobe again.

-Dont do anything drastic to your appearance while you are pregnant. The hormones make you do crazy things. I used to have long brown hair then I dyed it blonde, which I liked a lot. But then I chopped it short. Then I started swelling up so I looked completely different. I wish that I had kept something the same. Whether it was my long hair or if I kept it brown, just something familiar so I felt like my old self.

-Its ok to let the house get messy. Dont freak out if it just keeps piling up, you just had a baby for Pete's sake. Let the dishes sit in the sink for a bit. They will be there when you're ready to take it all on. Just enjoy your baby and enjoy your free time while she is asleep. Go blog, take a bath, catch up on a book or tv show, whatever floats your boat. 

-No one can prepare you for the emotions you will feel. You never knew you could love someone so much!

How can you not adore that face?! I am in love thats for sure.



A Woman Who LIVED said...

That video cracks me up! I forget how unflattering my body is after each child. It is really frustrating to try looking decent again. I am learning to love myself all the time anyway, (and to find clothes that flatter.) Thanks for the laugh. :)

Ali Mills said...

AMEN! Last night Rory was just inconsolable in my arms, but then Andrew came out and she was still bah! But honestly I was ok with it at that point cuz I just wanted to sleep! Hahahaha

Alexis Kaye said...

you're a good momma!

Alexis Kaye said...

you're a good momma!

Ty, Whit & Bree said...

I seriously just love reading your blog. You are so honest. Your little girl is darling.