Friday, July 13, 2012


She . . .

-will welcome you in with a smile and offer you a drink. it will most likely be water since that's usually all she has. but she promises it will be cool and refreshing. if you are lucky, she might share some of her coke zero with you.

-will try to make you laugh and feel at home.

-will offer you something yummy and sweet. 
cookies anyone?

-will ALWAYS ask if  there is anything she can do for you.

-will always listen and offer advice (but only if its wanted, if not, she can just listen)

-will show you around her home and tell you about the decor and the meanings behind everything.

-will make up stories and come up with fun and exciting new things. she will make you feel like anything is possible.

-will sing songs and always have magical, enchanting music playing.

-will make pretty things (by hand) for you// your home//baby//husband//whatever!

She ...
is my Mother. 
And She
is loved.


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