Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hunger Games Party {Part II}

I am finally getting around to posting more from our fun Hunger Games party.
{Remember this post here?}
Well here are some more pictures of just Gavin and I.
The entire event only lasted maybe 7 minutes... MAYBE.
But our awesome photographer, Sarah, took over 300 AMAZING pictures.
So for this post, its just of Gav and I.
(I am counting them as maternity pics)

We had way too much fun.
I cant wait for the next movie. . .



Anonymous said...

best maternity pics ever - mak

Anonymous said...

best maternity pics ever - mak

Daniel and Bethany Whitehead said...

So cute!!! I love this idea and it turned out great for maternity pics!!

Jenifer Crawford said...

Did the paint stay on your clothes after washing them? And if so, what type of paint did you use?

Unknown said...

I don't know you but came across these pictures from pinterest.com and just wanted to say I think they are awesome!