Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Post Our Happily Ever After

Hello folks. Here is my first guest post for this crazy month and I am so thankful so many wonderful bloggers stepped up to guest post for me. I appreciate it so much! Today, I have Ali from Our Happily Ever After. (Link below)
She is always so sweet and so fun to talk to. I love her outlook on life.
Hello Happy Thinkers!
I'm so happy to be guest posting for Lauren!

This is me ;)
I'm also super happy that her baby girl is coming soon!
I also love that she's only 2 weeks ahead of me in baby time
which means that MY baby girl will be coming soon too!! ;) EEEK!
I'm Ali from Our Happily Ever After and
being pregnant has given me a totally different perspective
on life and love and just about everything in general ;)

My hubs and I have been married since December 2010
after 3 years of dating and mission-waiting ;)
We're semi high school sweethearts,
as in we met in high school but didn't date til a month after we graduated hahaha

When we realized we were going to be adding to our little family of two,
we were esctatic ;)
Andrew and I had always wanted to have kids right away
but birth control kinda messed me up
so when we finally got pregnant
(to us it was a long time)
we were so excited and jumped up and down,
then I ran to the bathroom to throw my excitement back up hahaha

Our little Aurora Rose (Rory) is going to be the first
grandbaby on both sides of our families
(we're both the oldest in the family)
and the first great-GREAT-grandbaby on my side ;)

Andrew and I have grown so much closer throughout this experience.
First when I was sick for pretty much 25 straight weeks
(including through Christmas and my birthday!)
he would take such good care of me.
Now he rubs my swollen feet,
helps me stretch out Charlie Horses that I can't reach anymore,
and a few weeks ago,
he helped me get through an unpleasant kidney stone experience.
Yeah kidney stones....yuck!
Our marriage has flourished though I won't lie ;)
Andrew is going to be the best daddy
and he'll treat her like a princess
like he already does.
He'll talk to her and she knows her daddy's voice ;)
She'll start moving around in happy squirms
and sometimes she'll kick out at him like she's saying
"More attention Daddy!!"
I feel that our love has never been stronger and it will just continue to grow ;)

Our lives have been supremely blessed
since we found out about our little Peanut ;)
My work has been so understanding and wonderful,
our families are amazing and super supportive,
our doctor is wonderful and helps keep me calm when I start to panic
about this whole birth thing
(I'm a complete wimp hahahaha),
and I feel our Heavenly Father's love for us each day.

I'm so excited to finally meet our Little Princess
in June ;)
And to Mrs Lauren - good luck and we better see pictures
of your little girl soon as she gets here!

Come stop by my blog and if you like it, stay awhile ;)
Isnt she adorbs?
Love her.
Thanks Ali!


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