Wednesday, March 14, 2012

John Carter of Mars Movie Review

This last weekend, we went to see the new movie, John Carter of Mars.
I had been looking forward to this movie for awhile because Gav and I were approached to appear as extras in the film when we were living in St. George. For some reason or another, it didnt work out and we werent able to be cool warrior aliens, but nonetheless, we were excited to see Disney's answer to Avatar.
I like to think I have good taste in films. I want to eventually go into digital communications and make movies of my own someday so I feel like I have a reasonable knowledge of the film process.
I thought the cinematography for the film was great. Very eye-catching. But I felt disconnected from the film somehow.
I dont know how to describe it but I will try.
For me to be enthralled by a film, I want to connect with the characters and if writers and film makers dont establish a character as soon as possible, I lose interest.
This is what happened with Taylor Kitsch's character for whom the film was named after. I am sorry John Carter, you gave me no reason to like you or connect with you, not only in the beginning of the film, but throughout the entire show. I agree with my friend Brenden Whitney when he said this, "The moments where we're supposed to sympathize with John, were forced and distracting."
As for John's romantic co-star, Lynn Collins, I think her acting was alright, although I was terribly distracted by her a} lack of clothing (Disney approved her wardrobe?!) b} abnormally blue eyes and c} her scary orange spray tan.
My favorite character wasnt even a character at all and was a sort of alien dog.
I think that it took too long to get the story going and too long for it to end.
I loved that it was filmed in Utah and I thought the special effects were superb and there were some funny parts that I found myself laughing out loud.
Although it wasnt my favorite, it was entertaining and I enjoyed myself.
Has anyone else seen it? What were your thoughts?


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