Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This picture sums up my day

how was your V-day?
we celebrated on Monday because Gav had class and a basketball game. (pics to come!)
good thing too because i was NOT feeling good.
Food poisoning, heartburn, and pregnancy. Not fun.
Then last night I went out to the garage to get something out of the fridge--
and I got locked out.
No shoes, no jacket, no phone and NO key.
So i ran outside to see if the back door was open.
no luck.
so i went back to the garage, but THAT door locked on me.
I didnt know what to do.
Gav was at his game and probably wouldnt answer his phone for another hour.
So i ran to the neighbors and started calling everyone whose number I had memorized.
Which was my mom, my dad and my husband.
It was awkward.
"Um, hey. Yeah your daughter got locked out of her own house. . . She is a keeper."
After some phone calls, luck happened.
Gavin called because A) His game had been canceled because of not enough players for the other team, so they forfeit. And B) because the number I called on was an out of state number and he thought he was getting a call from one of the schools we had been waiting to hear from.
thank goodness.
my hero came and let me in before i froze to death.
what a day.



Carlie said...

ha ha This makes me laugh because I totally did this before. It was 3 days after we got married, and my 2nd day in Allen, TX. We were house-sitting and I locked myself out when I took the dog out. Long story short, I knew NO ONE and my hubs worked an hour away. I ended up stopping a neighbor that was driving by in a car (luckily I had memorized my hubs cell number), and he hadn't got very far so I didn't have long to wait.

Romanian Princess said...

I'm sorry you're sick doll! Hope you get better soon! XoXo