Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Pinterest Project (Attempt and Fail)

Like many others, I have proven that I am addicted to the lovely world of Pinterest.
I saw this little project and just had to tackle it for myslef...

Its pretty easy according to this site.
So I made a run to Hobby Lobby and found me some animals to glitter up.
I decided on elephants.
I love elephants.


On Vday... Gav and I attempted to make these little beauties I found on Pinterest. . .

arent they cute?
Unfortunately, it was just a picture on pinterest and not a recipe.
So we tried our own...

Um... How is the jelly supposed to stay in place and not fall out the back?
I think you could call that a fail.
At least they tasted good.


Christi Lynn said...

i really need to try doing what i pin more often. less time on pinterest and more time making what i find on pinterest haha. great job! i love the elephant...i think it's cute

Scott & Ali said...

You should try rolling a really thin layer of dough and putting it under the cookie before filling it with jam. I want to try these. So cute!

Anonymous said...

The cookies in the pinterest picture are sandwich cookies. If you look closely you can see the bottom layer under the jelly. I used to work in a bakery and we made a version of these with fruit curds that looked like stained glass windows.

Basically, you bake a "whole" version of your shape, in this case a heart, and then bake a heart with its center cut out. Spread your filling on the bottom piece, dust the top piece with powdered sugar, and put it all together!