Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being All Fancy

This weekend I got to be a Princess again.
Its been awhile.
And that will probably be the last time for awhile until after this little bundle arrives.
This was the very fun Daddy Daughter Princess Ball put on by Pirate and Princess Parties.
It was so much fun to play with the little girls and see their faces light up.
I wish I had more pictures of the ball but the only ones I could get were in our dressing room.

This is Tori... I mean Rapunzel.
Isnt she adorable? Her and Flynn Rider are married and get to do this as a couple.
I adore her!

It was so fun!



Carlie said...

My cousin and his super cute red-headed daughter were totally there! They loved every moment of it!

JRuud said...

Ooo!! Love this!!! Your blog is awesome.

Romanian Princess said...

You really are the perfect Snow White! I <3 it!