Monday, January 16, 2012

Can I Get Somebody to Follow Me Around Everyday and Take Pictures?

I got a question for my fellow lifestyle bloggers out there.
How do you find the time/energy to take such wonderful pictures ALL the time?
I LOVE taking photos but I honestly have a hard time remembering to do it on a DAILY basis.
You guys are all so good at it.
What is your secret?
I feel like I can take alot of pictures but I never am IN any of them.
Anyone else have this problem?
Kinda a bummer when you get tons of pics of everyone but yourself, right?
Eh eh?
So do tell me your secrets!

Also! Another question!
I am thinking about re-designing my blog. Does anyone know how to do this without signing up for a template? I am kinda getting picky. :)
Thanks friends!


Alyx said...

I just use the standard blogger template but do all the HTML for buttons and stuff like that by myself.
You can make your own headers and navigation links, and then just put them in the "simple" blogger template.

Carlie said...

I started trying to take a daily picture and have gotten really good at using the self-timer on my camera! haha. I know my pics are never perfect, but it helps to get a picture of me with my hubs! =)

Autumn said...

I have a tripod and remote, but I struggle taking photos when it is cold outside and it's generally dark when I get home. I have a small point and shoot in my purse, use my cell, and just pop out my nice camera for pretty pictures when I have time :)

The Daley Fam said...

I keep my camera on my hutch in my kitchen, so when I see a picture moment I can get it. Usually it's my kids. You may need that advice here in a little bit. :) Since my camera is sitting out I don't forget to bring it with me.

Vivian said...

I carry my camera with me wherever I go and if it fails there is the camera phone which is ALWAYS with me. Lauren: believe me, once you have your little bundle, it's pretty much all you'll be thinking about: pictures, pictures!