Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awesome and Awkward-ness

I never believed all the stories about pregnant ladies having silly things happen to them because they just dont remember things... Well, I was wrong. Its true. I am soooo spacey now. Little things just slip my mind and I am shocked how I just 'forget' things.
Love our 'awkward' faces here. We didnt know we BOTH were making that face. . . We must be related.


-walking into the boys bathroom at work, knowing FULL well that the womens is on the OPPOSITE side of the hallway. Good thing no one was inside.

-went to the doc and they asked how tall I was. Confidently, I said 5'7" (Thats what I was last time I checked) They measured me anyway and apparetly I am only 5'5". I had shrunk. Aaaand they think I'm a liar.

-mexican food makes me want to puke. I was reading about a character in a book that was eating at a mexican restaurant and i seriously got queasy at the thought of a smothered burrito. :( I hope that goes away soon. I love mexican food!

- almost crying at the doc appointment. Not because I am so excited to be a mommy, because he told me I couldnt ride the rides at Disneyworld this Christmas.

-decorating the Christmas tree. Those buggers! I hate putting the lights on the tree! It looks awful and my hands are all scratched up. How do people DO it?! Seriously. I have a WHOLE new appreciation for the people who light up Temple Square.


-learning we dont have to pay the extra money to get an ultrasound to find out gender before Christmas.

-getting past the first trimester

-craving Strawberry Limeaides from Sonic. Yum.

-finally feeling better. Still tired all the time but dont get as nauseous (at night-weird right?)

-going over baby names with Gav.

-decorating the tree. This might be better categorized under awkward... I'm going back to add it now...

-listening to Christmas music

-getting more excited to GIVE gifts this year than RECEIVE them.

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Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh my gosh yay! So freaking excited for you guys!!!! When do u find out the gender?

Romanian Princess said...

Lauren! I told you, the first thing to go is your memory! I was NOT joking! Really terrible! I'm sorry you can't ride the rides at disneyworld this Christma. Hope you have a GREAT day. We love you.


Sean Marie said...

Hahaha! It's SO true. I have lost my memory ever since getting pregnant. I wonder if it's a hormonal thing but I'm not sure if it's proven. Either way it is fact to me.

Elisabeth said...

way to make it through the hardest part! and that is hysterical about telling the doctor you are 5.7 i can just imagine him looking at you like "yeah right." Its okay to cry about disneyland least its because you're going to have a baby, at least its a good excuse :)

Alexis Kaye said...

hahahahah I would cry if i couldn't ride the rides too! seriously, that's heartbreaking haha! And yeah, chirstmas trees are awkward. I stick with the pre-lit ones :)

A lot of the nausea is when you don't eat, that's usually why isn't in the morning- after going the night without food. Do you eat awhile before you go to bed? try snacking! good luck girl!