Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes, I went to Breaking Dawn... Midnight Edition

Thanks to my sweet friend, Kelsey I borrowed some pictures of our Breaking Dawn outing.
The girls went to Pizzeria 712 for dinner and ate delicious pizza, flatbread and hummas.
Then we headed over to the theatre and I gave the girls some goody bags filled with
Type A Blood: Shasta
Werewolf Treats: Cookies
Blood Straws: Licorice
Vampire Ice: Mints
Vampire Diet Food: Beef Jerky
Red Hot Werewolf Snack: Fireballs

Click here to see the cutouts.

The movie itself was well... 'Eh' to say the least. Honestly, I was kinda bored.
Too many 'pondering' shots. I wanted to click the fast forward button.
BUT being with all these fun girls was the highlight of my night.

Thanks everyone! (Kelsey, Gentri, Mckenna, Nicole, NOT PICTURED: Kirsten, Alexis)
Love you all!



Carlie said...

That is the cutest goody bag I have seen! I was just an "eh" on the movie too. Wasn't my favorite, and hopefully Part II is better!

Danielle and Trev said...

I LOVE your blog!! The cutest!! I'm your newest follower!!

gina said...

Looks like the perfect night!!! I want to see it too! That pizza looks like my favorite pizza!!!

Kelsey Cole said...

thank you so much for planning everything! I am so happy we were able to go together :) Such a fun night!