Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Double Date Night (Make Believe)

Yesterday, I found a cute post on Tales of Me and the Husband blog and I thought it was super fun!
It got me thinkin...
Which celebrity couple would I want to double date with?

This was a harder question than I thought!

It's hard to think of couples who havent recently split-Kardashian style.
(Yeah, I just went there.)

I cant help but think it would be SUPER awesome to double with these two...

I feel like just being next to them would raise our 'cool' factor.
They are gorgeous.

Or maybe this couple,
They might be more silly and fun like Gav and I:

Gotta love Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.
Our new fav show is Parks and Rec.

Oddly enough,
I had a really easy time decided who I most definitley would NOT like to double with.

For example:

Um, no thanks.
I cant even imagine trying to talk to Kristen and trying to 'connect' with her.
Rob might be a bit more approachable, but if he didnt wash his hair... Ew.

Nor would I think this date would be any fun...


BUT! I think this couple would be kinda interesting...

I heard Kate is prego!
All mag's are reporting it.
How cute. A little royal running around.
Some websites are also saying its twins.
But I am pretty sure you cant tell if its twins when you are only 6 weeks along.
(Am I wrong? I have no idea. Just sounds a bit too early to tell)
Who would YOU want to double with?

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving all!



Bridget said...

well you already know my pick!

and unlike the brangelina haters in my comments, i think i might like it.

Romanian Princess said...

LOVE this post! Especially the part about Kim k. awkward! Not even I would want that drama! I want to do this post to. Is that okay?! Loves ya!

Lauren Gardner said...

Sure! Do it! I wanna see your list! Just reference me!

Alexis Kaye said...

I didn't know Amy Pohler was dating that guy!!! Did you know he's in a new shoe called up all night? It's one of my favorites! watch it on hulu!!!