Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Tree's and Cabins

This weekend was magical!
It began Friday night when Gavin and I headed up to Oakley to stay at a friends cabin.
We were to meet up with my family at a diner for dinner called Rhode Island Grill.
Gav and I arrived early to get a table for eleven. We walked in and it took a full 5 minutes before anyone walked out of the back to greet us. And when he did he very OBVIOUSLY checked his watch and asked in a thick Irish accent if we would be done and out the door by 8:00. {Keep in mind, this is a Friday night. Who closes that early on a weekend?}
Well I call my mom up and she says they are about 10 minutes away. And knowing my family, we like to chat so there was no way we'd be out by 8:00 since it was already 7:40.
Mom said she called earlier and cleared it with someone but the Irishman was NOT having it. So my mom called the restaurant to verify with him.
Talk about awkward. Gav and I sat there while they 'chatted' on the phone.
I wanted to high tail it out of there.
We convinced my mom to find somewhere else to eat in Kamas so we wouldn't be rushed and could enjoy our dinner.
We ended up finding this cute little restaurant called Gateway Grille.
The service was awesome. Instead of a mean humbug Irishman, we had a sweet lady from Hawaii.
The food was awesome. Gav and I split a steak and it was excellent.
We were able to relax and laugh the night away.

When we get to the cabin, it is warm and cozy and decorated for Christmas. It was just 'cabin-y' enough to feel like a mountain getaway but not too rustic that we didnt feel comfortable.
Our plan was to go cut down our Christmas trees in the morning but Gav and I forgot our permits!
Who does that?
Anyway, the family convinced us that we would be fine and we'd just put our trees on the bottom of the pile.
They had never been pulled over before...
So we agreed so we didnt have to travel back down the mountain.
We wake up and head out to Daniels Summit and have a blast playing in the snow
and finding the perfect tree for each household.
When we started heading down the canyon back to the cabin, we see a ranger drive by and flip around behind us.
Oh no! What are the odds!? The ONE year we forget our permits and we are being followed by the DNR guys!?
He flashes his lights and since he is behind my aunt and uncle, they get pulled over.
My mom is looking in her rear view mirror and doesnt know what to do.
We have one tree on our car without a permit and they have one on theirs. Do we go back and get busted twice!?
We decided to loop around and explain to the officer what happened to our permits.
But suddenly, my uncle and aunt come flying down the road the opposite direction.
That was way too fast to have gotten a ticket.
And now we were headed right toward the ranger!
So we flip around as he turns the corner up ahead.
We called my aunt and she told them we were off the hook!
He didnt even check the trees!
I tell ya, I  was soooo worried.
So we are all laughing about our luck when we see a highway patrolman on the side of the road.
We pass and he flips around behind us!
What in the world?
This cant be happening.
He follows us ALL the way through Heber and we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the lights to come on.
We must have done something right in the last few weeks, because karma was kind.
He didnt pull us over!
Its our lucky day!
We get back to the cabin and are all laughing when we realize the power is out.
Yes. The electricity is completely out.
Well luckily for us, our dinner had cooked all the way before the power went out and was still warm.
We ate delicious lasagna and chicken Alfredo.
We light some candles and cozied up to the fire.
We told stories and napped. And since the power was out, the kids couldnt bang away on the piano/organ.
Thank goodness.
A blessing in disguise.
As it got later, the harder it was to see with no electricity.
A few of my cousins had left early and were texting telling us the roads were bad and were only supposed to get worse.
My uncle thought it would be a good idea to leave then instead of in the morning.
But the Jones side was perfectly content waiting out the storm until the next day.
Luckily, my uncles family decided to stay too.
And even MORE lucky is that the weather cleared up on Sunday morning and it was smooth sailin' all the way home.

{The power eventually came back on, but by then, it felt so late because it had been dark for awhile so I ended up falling asleep at 9:00!}

I loved every second of this weekend.
Gav and I joked that we would rather be at the cabin all day Sunday because with no electricity, it was quite relaxing.
It was seriously a whole other world.
So fun and magical.

Sorry this is such a long post! I hate reading long posts so if you didnt read, I totally understand!
Although it is kinda funny. . .

Love love love!



Anonymous said...

Ok i am seriously in LOVE with these pictures... I want to go play in the snow NOW!

Lost&Found said...

I LOVE the snow! Sounds like such a fun weekend! And I am so jealous you cut down your own trees! And didn't get caught with no permits! One day i'll drag the fiance up to the mountains to cut down our own tree! Sounds like fun!


Romanian Princess said...

Love your snow pictures, makes me FREEZE! You're so cute!

Gentri said...

I read it all! :) haha! Sounds like you guys had SUCH a fun time. You seriously are my kind of family! And I'm so happy you had such good luck the whole time. Whew!

Chase + Destiny said...

So much snow!!!! It looks like so much fun!

Carlie said...

You guys lucked out with the trees and weather! Sounds like a great weekend!

Alexis Kaye said...

how fun! :) i have a friend who got a permit too to cut down their own tree! :D

the hollie rogue said...

thanks for being my 300th follower! i'm following you now too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!! It'll be months before we get any snow here! :o(

That is seriously some good karma with those police officers!!! I don't know how ya'll made it through without getting ticketed TWICE! :o)