Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bucket List

Last night, the hubberz asked me to tell him something that was on my bucket list that I have never told him before.
I blanked.
I am pretty sure I talk to him alot about the things I want to do someday.
Was this his subtle way of telling me I talk too much? 
What DO I want to do? It got me thinking... almost everything I want to do is travel.
Hmmmm...mmm. :)
But then I remembered that in high school I made a bucket list and I instantly went hunting for my old journal.
After some searching I finally found it, along with my bucket list!

Boy, do I have some aspirations!
I better get started...

1. Find the love of my life. {Done!}
2. Be listed as one of People Magazines "50 Most Beautiful People"
3. Have a street named after me.
4. Name my own street.
5. Be awarded a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
6. Enter the Guinness Book of World Records
7. Receive a Knighthood (Damehood) from the Queen of England.
8. Make a difference in at least one persons life.
9. Audition for American Idol
10. Sleep in a castle
11. Have children
12. Get married in the Temple. {Done!}
13. Create a home with an inviting, joyous, comfortable, spiritual and loving atmosphere.
14. Go whale watching {Done!}
15. Go on a safari
16. Live on a ranch, a penthouse in NY, house by the ocean/lake.
17. Have a playroom in my house like Neverland
18. Call in "sick" on a rainy day and sleep in with my hubby and make banana pancakes like the Jack Johnson song.
19. Go on a mission with my husband.
20. Write down 5 things I am thankful for everyday.
21. Adopt
22. Send my parents on their dream vacation.
23. Be in a movie, sitcom, Broadway show.
24. Publish a book
25. Write a script
26. Learn more about astrology
27. Ride an elephant
28. Own a horse {Done!}
29. Write a children's book
30. Ride a gondola in Venice
31. Host SNL
32. Visit a renaissance fair
33. See the Mona Lisa
34. Witness a solar/luna eclipse
35. Learn fencing/archery
36. Learn piano/guitar
37. Take singing lessons
38. Enroll in a belly dance class
39. Compose a song
40. Release an album
41. Be in a band
42. Get better in ballroom dancing
43. Ride in a hot air balloon
44. Para glide/skydiving? (Eek!) Helicopter ride
45. Go scuba diving
46. Snorkeling in a shipwreck (might be too scary)
47. Swim with dolphins
48. Ride a mechanical bull
49. Experience weightlessness
50. Go white water rafting
51. Dive in a submarine
52. Fly in a blimp
53. Learn to fly a plane
54. See the Northern Lights
55. Go to Times Square for New Years.
56. Ride the largest roller coaster in the world
57. Go on an archaeological dig
58. Be interviewed by Oprah
59. Learn another language
60. Develop sign language skills
61. Jump on the bed of a fancy hotel.

What are some of the things on YOUR bucket list?



Elisabeth said...

i love that you were able to find this!
you certainly have high aspirations - thats great :)

and what a great blogging idea to use old journals - i'll have to go hunt for mine when i'm back home for christmas.

somethings on my bucket list have been
1. run for a political office
2. save someone's life
3. go on a trip with no suitcase and have to buy all my clothes for the trip as we go :)

Amanda said...

love your list! you know what...i have never created a bucket list...maybe a mental one...

Rolled Up Pretty said...

love this!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

love the bucket list!!

Christina Marie said...

Very ASPIRATIONAL list :) I did a 22 before 22 list and I hope I continue making a new list each year for the rest of my life!

Vivian said...

Bucket Lists are the best! I have one now with only about 6 items but the deadline is not before I die but before I have another baby. Let's get to work!! ;)

Heart n Soul said...

so good to have big dreams :)

Siri Natalia said...

So awesome! I love this post! Some things on my bucket list are to publish a book and to go to a drive in movie with my hubs.

Anonymous said...

love your list so much :x

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Rick said...

How about swimming with manatee's for your bucket list? It might happen sooner than you think.

Stesha said...

i love making my bucket list!!! its awesome. Love your blog miss!!

Classic & Bubbly

Alexis Kaye said...

you dream big girlfriend! :) I love it!