Friday, September 30, 2011

My Happy Thought {by Kate}

"Think happy thoughts... And you can fly!"

--Peter Pan

This is Kate. She is great. She is my husbands twin sister and a really great friend. Everything about Kate is bursting with love, energy, beauty and creativity. I cant praise her enough. Here are her happy thoughts...

Little things in life are what make me the happiest.

-I love napping next to my mom while she plays solitar.

-I love when the leaves begin to change color in the crisp fall air

-I love dancing around the house when no one else is home

-It makes me happy when someone remembers something insignificant that we talked about a long time before

-It makes me happy to make faces at little kids when their parents aren't watching

Thanks Kate!
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kate said...

Thanks Lauren!! You are so amazing!!!!

JRuud said...

Hi Kate :)

Tereza said...

Hi Lauren!
yay package pals! sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was away. Can't wait to get to know you :)

Jamie said...

Love that button photo! Just stopping by to say you've won our giveaway over at !