Monday, September 26, 2011

Mustache Monday

The Land of Sunshine blog has started a Mustache Monday... Each monday, she posts questions, you answer them on your blog and go leave a comment on hers so everyone can be involved. Super cute.

1. What are you looking most forward to during the Fall?
I LOOOOOVE Halloween. And the leave changing. And the crisp air. And pumpkins. And hot cocoa. And fall fashion. AND HALLOWEEN!
2. If you're having a bad day what always makes you feel better?
Snuggling with my hubby watching a comedy together.
3. If you could pick-up and move to any state where would it be?
We actually might have to do this in a couple months for the hubberz pharmacy school. {But we gotta go wherever he gets accepted} BUT if I could choose, {I'd pick Utah first} BUT if I HAD to choose somewhere out of state, i'd say california because there is a school close to school for him and DISNEYLAND is close for me. :)
4. What is something small that crawls under your skin?
Ew... like a bug?! Sick! {That is TOTALLY what I thought when I first read this.} Ok something that makes my skin crawl is clowns. {I dont know if I interpreted this question right}

Happy Monday everyone! Hope its enjoyable! I have TONS of pics from my weekend, but its taking longer to load than I thought so stay tuned for my ADVENTURE of a weekend!



whitney tomlin said...

ha! when i wrote this I said "surely no one will think I mean a bug.." hahaha! I love this and I am totally looking forward to all those things about fall! So many to name :) Thanks so much for participating!

Charlie Pulsipher said...

I loooooove Halloween too and being able to wear my sweaters for a few days at least.

blueviolet said...

I love wearing fall clothes in that crisp air also. Time to make some homemade applesauce!