Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dont You Wish You Had a Cool Job Like This?

Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you had an outrageous job profession? Do you ever feel like being "Assistant TO THE Regional Manager" just isnt good enough?  Dont you wish you could say something cool when you were asked the question "What do you do?" with an answer like, "My name is Lauren and I train dolphins at Sea World?"

Right now I cant say such things truthfully but I do have something pretty cool to reply.
I am a Princess.
No no, not a snobby, rich, prima donna type. I am literally a princess. You may have seen previous posts about my work but I do princess parties for a little company called Pirate and Princess Parties.

When i was little, my mom and dad would take me to Disneyland and i thought it was heaven. And ever since, I have dreamed of being just like those well known princesses.

 i do have a regular job with much less sparkles are involved and I dont get to dance and sing {i would get some really weird looks from my managers} But I am still a princess.
I specialize in making little girls feel beauiful and loved on their special day. I am trained in balloon twisting and face painting; singing and dancing; storytime, crafts and games. I get to be invited to parties as either Snow White and Ariel and an occasional Pirate {but that is a whole other post}

One of my favorite parties I did was one at La Caille Restaurant in Utah. The little girls were beautiful in their fairy and princess costumes. They were in awe of my sticky sweet voice and flowing gown. I was telling my story of Snow White and had gotten just to the part where the Prince wakes me up with a kiss. I pause to sigh but am caught off guard when the little girl sitting next to me looked me dead in the eye and in all seriousness asked...
"Was it gross?"
I looked at her and began to laugh. {How could I not?!}
I told her, "Of course not! It was very magical!" She accepted that answer and went about decorating her princess crown.
My job makes me happy. No words can explain how these little faces light up and fill my soul. They are the sweetest little princesses ever. And they make my job the best one in the world. :)

I tried to upload a pic of me as Ariel, but my stupid connector {I dont even know what its called} isnt working. This is the SECOND one I have bought in the last month! Grr...
Ok vent over.
I am starting to do a series of posts from my fellow Princess Friends and some of their adventures. So stay tuned for that and get excited.


Gentri said...

Aaaaww! This makes me miss working at Disney so much!! You make a lovely snow white! I want to see the pic of you as Ariel! So I hope things get fixed asap!

JRuud said...

I wish I could do that. I would love to work at Disneyland oh my goodness!!

PS: I saw you live in Utah, so do I :) Gentri was saying there is going to be a meet up coming up between bloggers, that would be awesome to meet you all!!

Loving your blog hun.


Kelsey Cole said...

You are a gorgeous princess:) I would definitely have to say that you have my dream job! It sounds so fun and so magical!

Autumn said...

This sounds so much fun! You make a perfect snow white :) It would be fun to be able to dress up for a job!

Grace said...

You make an AMAZING snow white. I just read all you're princess tales and the story of the birthday girl with the terminally ill best friend made me tear up.