Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Happy Thought {by Tanya}

"Think happy thoughts and you can fly."
---Peter Pan

This is one of my best friends, Tanya. How we met was actually a really funny story. At the time, I had gotten a part in a feature film by a local filmmaker. I read the script and... it was ridiculous. He made a short trailer and Tanya was in it. At the same time I was involved in a webseries and we were holding audition for a few characters. Tanya came in to audition and I recognized her from the trailer. We chatted a bit and became instant friends. She is so funny and we always laugh so hard when we are together. Currently, we are working on writing an AWESOME script for a western. Its gonna be epic.
Here is a bit about her and some of her Happy Thoughts: Enjoy!

Tanya was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She came to Utah in 2006 to attend BYU, and will be graduating with a teaching certificate in Biology in April 2012. She loves animals, and hopes to one day open an animal rehabilitation center/sanctuary. She also enjoys acting, and is currently pursuing a career in it.
1. Spending time with good friends
2. Reminiscing old times with family
3. Eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
4. Playing with cute animals
5. Curling up next to a fire on a cold day
6. Laughing so hard I start to cry
7. Singing along to the radio in the car
8. Daydreaming
9. The day in summer when snow cone shacks open
10. Cuddling with that someone special
Thanks girl!


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