Hey, I am Meg Peterson and I adore life!  I treasure the small and simple things in life, like dancing around the house with my husband and little girl Olivia or laying under the stars with my sweetheart, dreaming of our future together. 
My sweetheart Derek, is the most wonderful man I have ever known.  His unselfish and loving way of serving our family is incredible.  His most prized possessions are his family, and I truly feel that every day. 
Our little, almost 18 month old, Olivia is such a blessing to our little family.  She truly makes us laugh and feel truly loved each day.  We literally feel that she has brought a little piece of heaven with her when she came into the world.  We are so excited to be giving her a little sister, Grace Christine, in the next few weeks.  There is a special bond that comes with only sisters, just as I have that treasured bond with my sister. 

My top 10 happy thoughts!

1.   Those first little magical moments of life of when your own little baby comes into the world.
2.   When Derek makes sure to always kiss me goodnight and tells how much he loves me before we fall asleep.
3.   Watching Olivia dance and admire herself in the mirror every time we get her out of the bath.  You can feel that she treasures that little body of hers.
4.   The fact that I can face whatever comes my way with the Savior, Jesus Christ standing at my side. 
5.   Those first felt kicks of your little baby growing inside you. 
6.   Getting together with our families at parties or even just a family dinner. 
7.   Having a beautiful garden or creating a beautiful craft to beautify my home with.
8.   Having the house cleaned, a delicious smelling candle burning, and dinner on the table when Derek get’s home from work not too late.
9.   Warm summer night walks, hand in hand with the love of my life, Derek.
10. Chocolate…  mmmm….  Need I say more?

No need to say more Meg, Chocolate is a MAJOR Happy Thought! Love you!