Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Happy Thought {by Chelsey}

"Think happy thoughts and you can fly."
--Peter Pan

This is my friend, Chelsey. We work together at AMP Security. She is super funny, so creative and we try to entertain each other on slow days. I dont know what I would do without her!

Here are some of Chelsey's Happy Thoughts...

My name is Chelsey Oldham, I recently married my sweetheart and life has been amazing. There are so many good things happening for us right now it's not hard to come up with things that make me happy. We both work and go to school and are absolutely crazy about each other. No pets, no children so we have all the time in the world to hang out and enjoy each other.1. Finding treasures on KSL
2. Playing call of duty with my husband.
3. When I see an amazing piece of Art.
4. Shoe shopping.
5. When I wake up and my husband and I are still cuddling how we fell asleep.
6. When I get to see my nieces and my nephew.
7. The gospel and the amazing things that come with it.
8. Riding my motorcycle with my husband.
9. Turning my husbands old bachelor pad into our home.
10. Our summer Lake Powell Trip.

Check out her awesome blog here! Thanks Chels!

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