Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Midnight Hauntings

Last night was anything but boring, it was nothing short of an adventure. My sister wrote it all down for her website so I am stealing it so you can hear all about it... :) For the past couple years, my family has lived in a really old house while we built a new house on the same property. The old house was about 100 years old. Well the new house is finished and now the old house is being demolished tomorrow.
This is what Lexi said about last nights happenings:
Well we certainly didnt call the ghost busters, but in a random turn of events tonight, we were visited by a team of amatuer ghost hunters who wanted to investigate our old house. Lucky they came tonight because the old shack is being torn down in just a couple days. We told them all the stories we knew about that house, including our own experiences, and they went through the old house like it was a treasure trove. Their leader, a funny 16 year old kid named Pepper was really into the whole thing. He thought every nook was laced with ghost residue, and had his lackeys video taping and such.

While they didnt experience anything, we decided to set them up for a bit of an adventure. I'm not quite sure if I have told my watchers this before, but my dad owns 2 skeletons (like the ones you'd see in a science class) so while we invited them into our new house for a drink and a break from their exploits, my sisters {ME} hauled Bucky Bones (one of the skeletons) out to our foresty back yard, where I was to lead them through when they were done with their drinks.

Within a few minutes my younger sister let out a terrifying shriek and the boys (er I mean Ghost Hunters) went running out back. Needless to say the prank didnt exactly pull the wool over their eyes, but it did give them a good laugh. After that we gave them a tour of our new house, {they LOVED the Peter Pan room} and sent them on their way with a load of candy. {they said it was the best day of their life} They said they were going to make this a weekly monday event for them.

I have to laugh at the whole thing because I honestly never expected to answer the door and find ghost hunters looking for an investigation. Weirdest night of my life. Entertaining though.

Its true. It was very exciting and very funny to see a bunch of teenage kids acting all gooney. Good stuff.


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