Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to be a Princess

"They can't order me to stop dreaming." 

Some of you may wonder why I am called the Polka Dot Princess. The reason is actually quite simple. I just ADORE polka dots and well, every girl is a princess of course! 
Currently, I work for Pirate and Princess Parties as Snow White and Ariel and in doing so I have learned a bit about what it takes to be a princess...

First off...

If you happen to be lost in the woods, just find a cottage full of dwarves. They are very hospitable.

2} Quick fixes are never a good idea. Never make deals with sea witches or eat an apple to make your dreams come true.
3} Love comes in the most unexpected places. Your prince may be disguised as a beast, a frog or a street rat.
4} When in doubt, sing! Any emotion can be expressed through a great Alan Menkan song.
5} Feeling lonely? Play dead. Prince Charmings are always wandering around looking for comatose maidens to make out with.
6} Being nosy may in your favor. Feel free to tresspass and go into that room he told you not to. You might find something magical!
7} Be careful what you eat off of. You never know what woodland creatures have been licking them clean trying to be helpful.
8} A princess' hair does not get flyaways. She gets gentlyfloataways.
9} A princess should beware of fruits and vegetables. Pumpkins tend to turn into carriages, apples turn out to be poisonous, peas tend to give you uncomfortable sleep.

10} When older women are ugly, they are super trustworthy but when they are are pretty, watch out! They are evil.

11} A true princess never trips or falls- she merely saunters vaguely downwards.
Ok in all seriousness, it can be difficult to be a straight up "fairytale" princess like that but it is possible to act like like a beautiful, kind and successful 'princess'.
Here is a list of qualities of a REAL princess:
  • she is kind
  • she is beautiful on the inside, and cares about how she presents herself.
  • she is gracious, understanding, and  forgiving.
  • she cares about animals and children, and in general all people's comfort
  • she looks for the good in life and in people
  • she trusts
  • she believes in herself
  • she is honest
  • she is hopeful, even in the presence of evil
  • she does not tolerate evil
  • she shows respect to all creatures
  • she mediates and attempts to help people get along
  • she lifts up her man {prince} she supports him, and believes in him
  • she is easy to please and enjoys life
  • she is generous
  • she is joyful
  • she accepts help and is grateful
Each day I try to be a bit more princess-like. I think its a marvlous goal to work towards.

"No need to curtsey-- just show your adoration with chocolate.

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