Friday, July 29, 2011

Scammers Beware.... Bewaaaaare!

Oh boy have I got a story for you!

I was browsing through KSL for fun and I was looking at an ad for one of these little lovlies...

When I came across an ad for a pup that seemed too good to be true. So I tried calling the number and kept getting a busy signal.


So I emailed the seller hoping to get some info and see if its legit. Well not too long later I got one of those computerized texts from this so called "seller."
And this is the conversation:
SCAMMER: this is regarding the puuppy on ksl.
ME: oh yes, are they still available?
SCAMMER: I am only giving them only to loving homes. But before we proceed, you wuld have to go through two adoption test to see if your home is perfect for them.
ME: what is an adoption test?
SCAMMER: Its not a test really. its just some questions that is going to make me know if your home would be prefect for one or both.
ME: How do i know this isnt a scam?
SCAMMER: OMG {this has been edited}
ME: I'm sorry?
SCAMMER: I only came to the internet to relocate my angels. neither deveive or tanish my image. {Yes, they said 'tanish'} and I feel so bad lettibng them go. {lettibng?} but i have no choice because of the condition of my present job. So i have sent you an email.

{So i looked at the email and it was just SCREAMING scam. as i am reading, he sends me another computerized text.}

SCAMMER: just go throught it and get back to me with the answers to the questions ok
ME: No thanks.
SCAMMER: But why? {insert lip quiver here} what do you mean?
ME:I dont trust this. I am a detective. {yes, i know this is a lie, but my dad is and i totally wanted to see what he would say}
SCAMMER: how does your profession conerens the adoption?
ME: I am not interested.

{I waited a few minutes and then received this response:}

SCAMMER: Ok i am a scammer but we can work a sweet deal out. in any of my scams you have 25 percent.

{Long pause}

SCAMMER: yes or no
ME: How is that?
SCAMMER: that is we you be my partner and we would make alot of money.
ME: And how do you plan on doing that?
SCAMMER: you would be doing the posting and picking up while i reply. it is hard for one person doing it ok. call me fex. and what should i call you. we would make millions out of this ok. are you there.
ME: No, sorry. I am an honest person and just flagged your ad.
SCAMMER: @#*)$! {BLEEP! insert offensive language here} I will take you to court! please. i am just trying to survive. things are hard. please understand.

{Well I did what any normal person would do... I told them i knew of a place that helps and bore my testimony and gave them a link to}


the scammer didnt reply.


Young People in Love said...

awww a pup with a face like that had to be too good to be true :/
LOVE that you zapped the dummy scammer with your testimony! Awesome.
loving your blog, btw. Following!

Lissa Chandler said...

i just found your blog and this made me laugh really, really hard.

The Ewell's said...

Love it!! Eric runs into scammers all the time and it you handled it much time i'll tell him to bear his testimony too!! Love the idea!

Nicole Mariana said...

I got scammed once on KSL too! Boo! I wanted a little tiny teacup poodle or yorkie. boo!!!

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