Monday, May 23, 2011

On Stranger Tides

This weekend we saw the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series; and this is my review.
Overall, I enjoyed it. I think my favorite part was that Kiera Knightly wasnt in it. :)
I really enjoyed the banter between Jack Sparrow and Barbosa. Their relationship hit new levels with this movie. Black Beard is creepy and ruthless just like you'd expect him to be. Although, I wish they would have developed his character a little bit more. I wanted to really HATE him, but it wasnt quite good enough for me. Also, there was a few things that were never explained, like A) how he rose the dead and made them zombies and B) what the heck is going on with the magic sword? Waited and waited for an explanation that never came. I think Penelope Cruz did an ok job but I didnt really see her as a pirate. I was kinda bummed Ragetti and Pintel (the bald guy and the skinny one eyed pirate) werent in this movie.
I really liked the girl who played the mermaid. She was beautiful and even though she didnt talk much, I thought she was great. (I also wish there was a more developed love story with her and the missionary)
I loved... LOVED the funny subtle dialogue. I found myself laughing out loud and chuckling about it hours later.
I heard that they will be making a few more POTC movies and I will count down the days until the next one comes out. There is something about pirates that totally enthralls me. Even though the real life of a pirate is filled with scurvvy, smelly old men, storms and scorching sun-- the movies make it look like so much fun! Who wouldnt want to learn how to sword fight and swing down from the rigging and fire a canon.

Aye.. its a pirates life fer me.
If you havent seen it yet, be sure to stay after the credits for a laugh.

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