Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Boy Who Wouldnt Grow Up

Today, I would like to share a piece of my soul with you.

Growing up, I was always taught to not be afraid to take risks, to be creative and to try new things. I was taught that magic was real and that dreams come true and there really are happily ever afters. Every day was an adventure and each hour was filled with creations from my imagination.
My mother helped make every day special. She would tell me about fairies, lead me to the entrance of Narnia and would play wonderful, upbeat music. There wasnt a doubt in my mind whether things things were true, they just were.

Even now, I love the thought of enchantment and something bigger than life itself.
I'm sure you can guess, but one of my all time favorite stories was about the "Boy Who Wouldnt Grow Up."

The tale of Peter Pan is more than just a story out of a childrens book. It revisits a time in everyone's childhood when danger and adventure lured us into the possibilities of the imagination. It reminds us of when anything could be believed and make-believe was real.

I have watched just about every version of Peter Pan ever made, and it never gets old. One of my all time FAVORITE quotes was by the actor, Dustin Hoffman. He best decribes the story this way… “In Peter Pan there is a place called Never Land and if you ask people what the metaphor is, you will get different answers. One person might say that it is a journey to imagination, to creativity. Others might say it means you never die. Never Land is the place that exists, for all of us, in the wish part of our brains.”

My life can pretty much be summed up in that simple, little quote. I have strived to live my life with the mind set of "Neverland'. Of not trying to grow up so quickly, that it is okay to grow old and to be an adult, but also know the importance of maintaining those childlike qualities, and simply believe.

I delight in finding the beauties in life that are all around me; to capturing a little bit of that magic and share it with my loved ones and with the world.
As I have grown older (not "up" I refuse to "grow up") I have learned to channel the imagination I have into creating. I create events, I create costumes, I create songs, stories, scripts, scrapbooks, dances and photographs.

I have had a dream to do a photography company unlike any other. My goal is to bring people to Never Land. To let them experience the magic and the imagination that comes with it, no matter the age! Never Land isnt just a place. It is a state of being. I will provide a moment of Never Land for my friends and loved ones and I will capture it in a way that will never be forgotten and can be enjoyed everyday.

Never Land... Let me take to there.

Children (and myself) all around the world can be found with their windows wide open in hopes that Peter Pan will find them and carry them to that second star on the right….and well, you know the way.

Oh to live... To live…is the greatest adventure of them all.

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