Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's prom season and my little sister is going to the dance this weekend! I am so excited for her and cant wait to see her in her dress. I still cant even believe that she is old enough to date, yet alone graduate this year! I remember my first prom... At the time I was dating a kid and we were planning on going together. I was involved in student government and was partly in charge of putting it together. I remember that it was a lot of work but I honestly dont remember even the theme! I know we had fun and I know that I felt beautiful in my cinderella blue ballgown. (I do remember that) And I remember it was snowing like crazy and that it was clear out at the fairgrounds. I also remember that I got a kiss at the doorstep and when I said goodbye and opened the door, my mom and dad darted around the corner trying not to be seen spying. (For realz. I cant blame them though, I'll probably be doing the same thing with my kids) For this weekend, I told Lex I would come and take some picture for her and I think I might be more excited for her than she is. . . This boy better treat her like the princess she is or else she will have Gavin, Levi and her policeman Father to answer to... not to mention her crazy big sister.

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