Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Update

In November, I posted that I would be participating in a contest to write a novel in one month. Well I am happy to report that the first day was SWELL! I went CLEAR over my goal of 1,,667 words with a whopping 5,000! I was on a roll! Well the next day, I bombed, didnt write a thing... and the next and the next. By the end of the month, the goal was to have completed 50,000 words and I still only had 5,000. Bummer. Oh well. I will finish it someday. (It's a really great plot.)
Anyway, We have been quite busy in the Gardner household getting ready for Christmas. Lets start off with Thanksgiving.

It was great. We went to the Gardner's house and ate WONDERFUL food and really enjoyed our time together. We whipped out the WII and played "Just Dance". Its a game where you have to follow the dancer on the screen and you get points on how well it went. It was hilarious to see the boys do it. And Shalei beat all of us. I was really sore and tired the next day. (It's a great work out!)

The next day, was my mom's birthday and another Thanksgiving dinner. It was a ton of fun and we were able to share it with the Jones', the Alveys, Morris', Peterson's and Grammy.

During that time, I also got a new job as a receptionist at AMP Security. It has been such a great place to work and the people there are very friendly.
The next couple weeks were spent Christmas shoppin and this year I did alot of online orders. It was awesome! I didnt have to leave my house and hunt for the
things I needed and compete with other shoppers. And it was really fun to come home and get packages for 2 weeks straight. OH AND ITS CHEAPER!!! But Christmas is coming fast and there are still 2 items that havent come yet and I am getting a bit nervous. Sorry Addie, but you dont get a present this year if someone scammed me. Tough luck. :)

The 15th was Gavin (and Kates!) birthday. These two old farts are now 25! Haha. We were able to go out to eat at the Trolley and had alot of fun with Shauna, Mike and Jordan. For Gavin's gift, I got him tickets to go to Heber Valley Rainroad's Tube and Train. We went up to Heber and took a train ride. It was snowing and it looked so magical.

On the train with us was a very loud and obnoxious family. (Approx 30 people) They were just cussin and yellin. The Grandma was calling her grandchildren little sh**s and the father was callins his kid a jack***. I was SHOCKED!!! I think if you call a child that, it automatically makes you one. Jerk.
Sometimes it was funny, but for the most part, I was VERY thankful my family (and Gavins) arent crude, rude and inconsiderate.
During the train ride, we stopped to pick up a special someone. This was the COOLEST Santa I had ever seen. I know it was the real one. He came on and handed out little bells to the kids on the train like on the Polar Express.
Then we got to Soldier Hollow where we were able to go tubing down a big hill. It was so large, they even had a tug rope to pull you up! Unfortunately, Gavin and I were only able to go down 3 times. We came to the conclusion that next time, we should ditch the ride and just go tubing.

The day after that, we went to Kate's Ugly Sweater Party. She is such a great little party planner (she gets that after her mom.) She had stuff for gingerbread houses, yummy treats, trophy's, games and SANTA (this one was a bit odd and NOT as cool as the one on the train.)

Then the next day, we had the Gardner Christmas Party at Shauna's elementary school because there are too many of us to fit into anyones house. We ate delicious food, watched the little kids perform the nativity and Santa came AGAIN!!
So that is an update up until now. I am sure there will be much more coming in the next few days.

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