Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well it has been awhile and here I am sitting at work and wondering what to do with some extra time and I thought... I havent talked about the wedding yet! Gah! Anyway... where to begin?
Oh I know...

Once upon a time....

That morning, bright and early, we get up to get all that fun stuff to get ready in the morning. Then my mom, dad and I leave to get to the temple on time. We arrive and meet with Gavin and his dad and go to get our liscense signed and the sister who was helping us ended up having a son who served with Gavin on his mission!
Small world.
Then we go to get ready for the sealing then we got to spend some time just the two of us in the Celestial Room. That time was really special just being with Gavin and enjoying the moment. Then we got into the sealing room and it was amazing to see everyone that we loved there to support us.
After the sealing, we went to get ready to make our exit from the temple. Our parents went out early to get everyone ready and then the doors opened... and it was another couple :)
Finally, Gav and I walk out the doors and stand there... I didnt know it would be so awkward as everyone stared and took pictures. So I said, "Who wants to hug us?" And our little Naiya was the first to give us a bear hug. :)
After pictures galore, we went to get ready for the luncheon at the Lion House.
We arrive and everyone is in their seats and ready for us. We walked up to the front and sat down when the glasses started tinking... And everyone was staring and waiting for us to do something, although we didnt know what. Until Shauna leaned over and said we were supposed to kiss.
Well that shouldnt be a problem.
Throughout the meal, the glasses got clinked many times (not that we minded.) And one of the times, I turned toward Gavin, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw my little cousin, Dylan. So I grabbed him by the face and kissed him real good on the cheek.

Lets just say he was excited about it...

Really excited...

Anyway... The entire luncheon was incredible! We had a program set up and everyone did such an amazing, AMAZING job!

It started off with a little song by my very own Gavin and his brothers where they sang... AND DANCED to "My Girl."
I dont think I could have been smiling any bigger.

(The video is posted further down.)

Then my brother did a routine where he sang songs and did some voices. He played the banjo and the guitar and did a clever song about how supreme Gavin is and then he played an instrumental song on the guitar for me. He is so talented. It meant so much to me that he would do that. I will ALWAYS remember how amazing that was.

Next my cousin, Kaity got up and gave a tribute. Her and I have been the best of friends our whole life and it was wonderful to hear her talk and remind me how I love her dearly.

We also had a song by my new neice, Naiya. She sang about the alphabet and was so flippin cute. :)

Naiya's mom then sang us a beautiful song. She has a wonderful voice. Hopefully someday we can do a duet! :)

Then Gavin's twin sister got up and spoke and gave an awesome poem. I am really looking forward to getting to know her better and I couldnt ask for a better new family!

Our dad's also got up and spoke.

Mike was great as he read a contract to my parents about how we will spend all the major holidays with the Gardners and the smaller ones with the Jones.

My dad spoke about how today was like a payday for him and how proud he was of us.

Our dads are so great. We have been so blessed to have them presiding over our families. We have amazing examples on how to model our family after.

A special thanks is needed for our mothers as well, since it wouldnt be the same without them either. I couldnt ask for a better mother or a mother in law. I am so thankful for everything they have done for us. We love them so much.

After the luncheon was the reception at the INCREDIBLE Alvey Manor. My aunt and uncle were SO KIND as to let us have our reception in their amazing home. We were so spoiled and had a horse drawn carriage and twinkle lights, cupcakes, great food, amazing decorations and fun music. I couldnt have asked for more! It was absolutely perfect.

One funny mishap was our neighbors from an old neighborhood has a sweet son who has autism. They came and were enjoying everything and he ended up getting his hands a bit messy so he looked around... and decided to wash them right in the punch bowl. :)
Luckily, my aunt took care of it real quick. :)

We then were off to cut the cake and Gav and I wip out our rain ponchos. :)That earned a good laugh. Then we did the bouquet toss and the bundle ended up coming undone so everyone got a flower... with a note attached saying....

Then came the DANCING!

My dad and I danced to "Stealing Cinderella" by Chuck Wicks

Gavin and my first dance was "Then" by Brad Paisley.

Then we said our goodbyes and rode off in a horse-drawn carriage.

But that was just so we could get pics before the horses had to leave...

Then we came back to get our stuff... in our car. That was dumb.
We were so close to leaving without anything on our car, then we were gone for 5 minutes and we came out to find it had been trashed. Thanks.

But hey...whats a wedding without some marshmellows and shaving cream all over the bride and grooms car... right?

It was a night I will always remember. It was perfect.

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