Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our New Home!!!

After MUCH searching and viewing MANY differnet apartments, we have FINALLY found our first home! It has been decided that Gavin and I will move out of the dorms this next week and he would live with his grandparents and I will live in our new apartment until the wedding. We had been searching for a long time and had found only a few places that we thought would fit our needs, but none have worked out. Well it was coming down to the wire and we desperately needed to find a place so that I would have somewhere to live after we came back from Christmas break. We set aside a day to go look at several places and said a prayer that we would be led to the right place. The place we found is a teeney tiny place not too far away from the college. It a small apartment that has been added onto a home. It has a small kitchen a living room/bed room and a bathroom. We are so excited to have found a place! Here are a few pictures of the place so far... I cant wait to decorate it and make it feel like our "home." :)

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