Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween FHE

Yesterday was our wards halloween family home evening party and we had delicious soup and garlic bread, salad and cupcakes. It was super good, I had 2 huge bowls of chili and potato soup. Eating at the school cafe sure makes you appreciate home cooked food and our bishopric and their wifes didnt dissapoint, we were completely spoiled. We were so thankful.
After dinner, there was a pumpkin carving contest with prizes, so Gav and I grabbed our pumpkin and started right away so we could win. I wished my sister, Lexi, was there to help us with her awesome artistic talent. But we thought it would be funny to do one of the pumpkins that look like they are throwing up. So we made a simple sketch and it turned out really cool. We figured we were a shoe in for the major award. So time was up and everyone lined their pumpkins up along the bishops pool and someone else did a throwing up pumpkin! Dang... but theirs wasnt as cool. :)So we waited for the judges to make their decisions and when they announced the grand prize overall winner got a $45 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse, we thought we had a good chance of winning. Until the judges announced that the newest convert to the ward (she was baptized on Saturday) won. She must have had the spirit guiding her because her pumpkin was an elaborate pic of CTR with the tree of life as the "T". We have to admit that it was pretty cool. And there were other prizes. So they announced the winners for "honorable mention", "most traditional", "funniest", "scariest", etc... And. We. Didnt. Win. The other throwing up one won for "scariest" Lame. Ours should have at least one for funniest.
Oh well. We actually had the funnest time doing it and thats all that mattered. I love you Gav. :)

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