Monday, November 19, 2012

And it was all a dream

I don't know about you, but when I am watching a movie or reading a book and I don't like where it's going I instinctively think to myself, "No that's not what happens. No. It must be a dream."
For example, this last Twilight movie.

Don't get me wrong, I actually was pleasantly surprised with the twist at the end of the movie because let's face it, it would be a little anti-climatic if there was no battle at the end. But when Carlisle died, I was in shock. Nay, devastated. I got all huffy and outraged. That didn't happen!... It must be a dream. Then Jasper, Leah and Seth all died and I was begging, "please let it be a dream! This is nuts. If it's not a dream, we revolt!"
For once in my life... I was (somewhat) right! Thank goodness. Our entire theatre let out an audible sigh then everyone busted out laughing after they realized that Alice was seeing the future. Holy mashed potatoes Batman! I almost had a heart attack.

Titanic: No, Jack doesn't die... It must be a dream.
Hunger Games Mockingjay: No, that didn't happen, it must be a dream.
War of the Worlds: What? They all got colds and died? That's lame. Must be a dream.
Wall Street: What a snoozer. I'd rather be dreaming.
Inception... It was all a dream... In a dream........... In a dream? Just kidding, I liked that one.

But when it actually comes down to the wire, I think "it was all a dream" is a cop-out. I like to be dazzled and caught off guard. (that doesn't happen too often, I'm a wiz at predicting movies. Kinda to a point where it's annoying.)
What movie endings drive YOU crazy?


Dad said...

"I see dead people"...The sixth sense
I never saw it coming!!!

Autumn said...

I was ANGRY when all of these main characters started dying...until I realized it was a flash back. I preferred this ending to the book ending personally.

Gentri said...

I was FREAKING out during BD. Holy cow. And our audience was too. Screaming, sobbing, gasping, "nnnoooooooo!!"s. It was a horrible 5 minutes. hahaha! But SUCH a great way to end that movie!! Oh my goodness. so good.

kailyn marie said...

OMG! I was going NUTS! The lady next me started BAWLING when Carlisle head went off, and all I could think was (in this order): "that was NOT in the book", "WTF is happening", "JASPER!!!!!!", "NO, NOT SETH!!", "JACOB RUN FASTER! SAVE REMESME!", "OMG I hate this movie", "ohhhhhhhhhh, well that makes sense now".

Recently Roached said...

Haven't seen it. It's always good for a laugh, right? :)

My writing teachers always say dreams are just a cop-out for good writing/planning.

Mary Davis said...

I just walk away. I can't stand to watch movies/shows at parts, either the suspense gets to me and I have to just walk away, or I know what is coming and can't stand to watch it. It is easier to be told later. =]

Samantha Crowther said...

I did the same thing! I freaked out!! I thought it was amazing! :)