Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Thursdays IV {Thanksgiving Day!}

I know this post is early, but I am going out of town for Thanksgiving
so I wont be at a computer to post Thankful Thursdays, so I posted early.

There is SO much to be Thankful for lately!
Here is a RANDOM list of the LITTLE things I am THANKFUL for:

Full nights sleep
Graceful snowflakes
Smell of fresh pine trees
True love
Twinkle lights on trees
Warm oatmeal
Seat warmers
Apple cinnamon cherrios
Christmas decorations
Love letters
A clean house
Good hair days
Hats for bad hair days
Locksley (my horse)
Movie quotes
The Gospel
The color red
Wishing on a star
Entertaining dreams
New and old friends

Its gonna be a good day.

I posted twice today since technically, this post is for tomorrow.
So click here for Wednesday's OFFICIAL post.
{Or scroll down. Whatever floats your boat!}

Happy Thanksgiving!


Gentri said...

Love it and this picture is so so cute!! Have so much fun and be safe! Where are you headed? :) you should enter the giveaway I'm hosting right now before you head out!

Carlie said...

I love the 2 posts in one day! I have heard that the Royals are expecting too! They have been together for almost 8 (or was it 10) years!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

definitely love that we get to wear hats and little head wraps during this season in case of those bad hair days, which happens far too often with me.
xo TJ

Vivian said...

I still wish upon a star, too :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

sugarmouse said...

you're super prettyy!! happy belated thanksgiving! :D